Tuesday, April 2, 2013

BEDA #2 - Nonsense

Further evidence for the theory brought up in yesterday's post has arisen. Well, it's not really further evidence because it's the exact same piece of evidence I talked about yesterday which is: this girl be cray. And not in the fun "look at how upbeat my dance moves are and how floppy my top knot is" cray. More like "I'm tired and if you try to talk to me I'm going to literally eat your face" cray.

Today I did four lessons of Algebra II, and then went to a 4 hour rehearsal for the show I'm in (Secret Garden). You know what, let me rephrase that: I should have gone to a four hour rehearsal except I was half an hour late because my car pool decided to take some weird back roads-y way that took forty minutes to get there AND SHE STOPPED FOR GAS. WHAT EVEN RAAAAAAGE.

And now comes the time where I'm forced to wrap things up here because it's 10:55 and I haven't written any words for NaNo at all.


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