Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Somewhat Predictable Journey

[So I wrote this last night and thought I had published it, but apparently not. Please don't throw rocks or rotten fruit at me because 1) it's not a good look and 2) you'd probably ruin your monitors.]
I'm not going to talk about the shooting in Connecticut because frankly, I get furious just thinking about it. However, my prayers do go out to the family members of the victims.

I guess I'm supposed to talk about going to The Hobbit last night, huh? To be honest, it wasn't as exciting as one would think. There were a lot of cool costumes, (including a group a teenage girls dressed as quidditch players. Guess their game was cancelled so they came to the theater instead.) and some people handing out lambus bread. I didn't take any, of course, because it probably contained drugs or razor blades or some other harmful substance. Although I came with a group, I had friends in three other theaters so I went around to visit all of them. I stopped by my brother and sister in theater 12, my friend and her family in theater 1, and Margo and her brother with his girlfriend in theater 5.

I'll just say it, I spent a substantially large amount of time in Margo's theater. Movie premieres are something we used to do together a lot. The first being Sherlock Holmes on Christmas day, and the last being The Hunger Games. She has since found other movie companions and their trips together outnumber ours by far. Sitting next to her while we talked about The Emperor's New Groove and Joseph Gordon Levitt's perfect pronunciation of strat, I realized how effortless our interaction was, especially 15 minutes later when I went back to my own theater and struggled to keep a conversation going with my other friends.

Okay. Here's the part where I go on a huge rant about how my life has been one giant craphole since the shift in mine and Margo's relationship, realize that content is far too personal for a public blog on the internet, and delete the entire thing. So, moving on.

I got back to my theater and had a discussion with my friends in which we organized the Disney princesses into four tiers, based on criteria far too complicated and detailed to spell out for you here. Let me just say that I fought pretty hard to get Mulan into the top tier, but was overruled on account of her "not being an actual princess." Whatever. She saved China from giant, scary Huns and all Snow White did was clean a freaking cottage. Don't sweat it though, Mulan. You still have the hottest husband. (Did Mulan and Shang ever actually get married?)

Then, the movie started. Guys. On man, you guys. Guys.......... guys. It was SO GOOD. The soundtrack, the casting, the effects, the costumes, the mood, the landscape--all of it was perfect! (With the exception of the Goblin King, which we will not speak of.) Martin Freeman was adorable and vulnerable and any other able you might feel the need to add. Also, I am now a proud Kili fangirl. Go see this movie as soon as humanly (hobbitly?) possible.

I, unfortunately, wouldn't put it on the same level as LOTR, because I'm one of those movie cynics who says, "they just can't make em like they used to," about 90% of the movies I see in theaters. But really, it was lovely and I'd easily give it a 4.5 star rating, no problem. I did chuck over the extra 5 bucks to see it in 3D, and combined with the epic wolf chases, rock battles, and the free swag (which included posters of Bilbo, Gollum, Gandalf, and Thorin) it was totally worth it. So, in case I haven't persuaded you enough, I will reenforce my recommendation one last time before plopping down on my couch to rewatch some more Titanic (don't judge me): GO. SEE. THIS. MOVIE. Good night.

Tonight's ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas Feature: Toy Story (I guess they do have a Christmas scene at the end...)
Christmas-tastic Thing of the Day: Dat sketchy santa.

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