Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Insufficiency Begins

Hey, no one. This post is coming to you in a moment of rush because I have to leave for a drama rehearsal in an hour and I spent my entire morning under an (almost) literal mountain of homework. And it does not help that my demeanor still resembles that of Eartha Kitt in Earnest Scared Stupid.

So due to my utter inability to balance my workload like a nice student, today's scheduled blog post has been replaced by this list of things I would rather be doing than my homework:

  • Clipping my toenails.
  • Watching Elmify's new video.
  • Reading Pride and Prejudice, smothered in my comforter, and crying because Darcy and Lizzie's love is so pure.
  • Having that awkward conversation with my orthodontist about my weekend that mostly consists of sentences made up entirely of vowels because her fingers are probing around in my mouth. "Eh as ood."
  • Watching holiday episodes of Gilmore Girls. 
  • Walking around in the crappy Seattle-winter weather. (A Mini Open Letter to Seattle: Would it kill you to take a day off from the whole rain thing? It's not as hip as you think. Just depressing.) 

Sorry that's all I have for you (no one) today. My deepest apologies. Hopefully I'll have something better and less angst-filled for you tomorrow.

Tonight's ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas Feature: How the Grinch Stole Christmas, starring Jim Carrey
Christmas-tastic Thing of the Day: This quote from Lauren Myracle's short story in the Christmas compilation novel, Let It Snow“Christmas is never over, unless you want it to be... Christmas is a state of mind.” 


  1. Is "no one" my new nickname? Reminds me of Perks of Being a Wallflower... I'll take it!
    Thank you for reminding me that I have watched an insufficient amount of Gilmore Girls this holiday season. I am about to remedy that... and will suffer the consequences at school tomorrow... and I'm really okay with that.

    1. Oh, absolutely! Feel free to put "No one hates you" on your graduation cap. And holiday episodes of Gilmore Girls are the best. Stars Hallow is wonderful in the winter. It makes me want to live there.