Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Haul Cop-Out

I feel like if you looked back on this blog every day project, you would find that half the posts say something along the lines of "busy today, here's a short post because I can't be bothered to write something long for you urchins. BE GONE." Actually, that's probably verbatim now that I think about it... Anyway, since I tend to stick to what I know, I'm busy today so here's a Christmas haul... urchins.

My entire clean-up this year was books with the exception of some awesome PJ pants from my sister and some Adventure Time Mad Libs from my darling brother. So here's a picture of my beautiful books (Yes, I am bragging. But just a little bit.)
I know that reading that text is probably as difficult as watching the Food Network when you're on a diet, so here are all the books I received (from top to bottom):
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart
Going Bovine by Libba Bray
The Princess Bride by William Goldman
Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
The Selection by Kiera Cass
Legend by Marie Lu
Every Day by David Levithan
Uglies by Scott Westerfeld
Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
Persuasion by Jane Austen
Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen

I know that I said some cocky things and that hauls in general just (General Just *salute*) seem sort of braggy, but I really am thankful for having such wonderful family members who love me enough to buy me these gorgeous books and the knowledge they contain. ("I got a laptop! What did you get for Christmas, Emily?" "KNOWLEDGE, BITCH.") I hope you're happy with whatever presents you received this season. If you need me, I'll be reading. (LOL as if. I gotta go clean my house before my friends come over. So if you do need me, please don't. Because I'll be vacuuming.)

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