Monday, December 31, 2012

A Fine Dash of Recollection

Forewarning: The following post contains the type of cheesy, unabashed sentimentality that could result in the demise of whatever cynic-cred I accumulated this past month. I am totally okay with this.

I love 2012. In my old age, when I start to indulge in the recollection of past events in my life, 2012 is the year I will look back on and say, "That year? That crapfest made me who I am."

So obviously, a lot of terrible things happened to me this year. Now normally, I would say that I don't want to focus on those events--that they aren't important and it won't do me any good to think back on them. But that's not true this time. Some of those stalls in the Crapfest Carnival are important, and I can learn from them. So I've taken the time today to remember them on my own, because I'm not about to display my personal life atrocities on the internet.

This post isn't about all that gross stuff, though. I'm making this post about all the amazing things that happened to me this year, which are many. Here is a short list, reminiscing about the events that happened this year which I have dubbed, "friggin awesome":

  • Read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. After I finished TFIOS, I cried very hard for a very long time. This book brought out of me, more crap than the sewer scene in Les Mis. It was the perfect emotional cleanse to begin the year. 
  • I met my hero. Meeting John Green was as logically unspectacular as you would imagine. I was ushered up to the table and we greeted each other. I thanked him for being, you know, him. He signed my book and we parted ways. But that wasn't the moment that made that night at The Tour de Nerdfighting the greatest night of my life so far. No, it was the moment about 45 minutes before, as the show was coming to a close. John and Hank were standing no more than 6 feet in front of me (I sat in the 3rd row), singing The Proclaimers. Hank strummed his guitar as John screamed his off-key ta-da-la-das. I was cloaked in the warm, bow tie-loving blanket of Nerdfightera and for those few minutes, life was perfect. (This night also resulted in my being in a vlogbrothers video for about 3 seconds. "How It Felt," 0:30-0:33, girl in the purple sweater in the aisle on the 3rd row, clapping and swaying and smiling like a mental patient.) 
  • Meeting the stars of The Hunger Games at The Hunger Games Mall Tour. I know that movie stars are just shiny, empty shells as far as inspirational people go, but I will never forget the moment I stood in front of Josh Hutcherson and had the following conversation: "Hi, I'm Emily!" "Hey," he said, emanating all the perfect. "I'm Josh." "*embarrassingly pre-teen giggle* Yeah, I know." Golden, Emily. Golden.
  • Being apart of my co-op's production of Peter Pan. I had been in my school's big production last year, and hadn't talked to anyone. Very much a social recluse. This year, I had friends and made incredible memories, especially during the hell that was tech week. Definitely one of my fondest memories as far as theater is concerned. 
  • I was the co-stage manager/dance captain for a local theater company's production of Aladdin Jr--my first time being behind the scenes. I was there for the entire rehearsal process and discovered another, more take-charge side of myself. Being in a role of authority was new for me, and seeing another side of "show business" provided benefits that will help me as I continue to pursue theater. 
  • My siblings and I reached a level of maturity where we can now see each other as human beings, not just my annoying little/older brother/sister.
  • I reaccepted God. 
  • I got the lead in my school's musical.
  • I read 70 books.
  • I wrote a frickin novel. 
  • I finally reached the point where I can look back on and cherish old memories, without wishing they were my present. 
I know it's cheesy enough to put in the microwave and pour over a bowl of tortilla chips, but 2012 had its ups and downs, and I'm thankful for every single moment. (Although I could have done without that bad case of the flu. Not pleasant.) Memories make up who we are, and I'm happy with my lot.

Don't worry, Blog. I'll see you in 2013. But until then, it's New Year's Eve and the world is celebrating.

Afterwarning: I told you.

  • (Oh yeah, and I blogged every day in December. Thanks for sticking with me.)

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