Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sentimental Time Travel

Do you ever have those odd, wonderful experiences where after a large gathering ends, and people are leaving, you begin chatting with some friends? Well, there's more than that: most of the other people are gone by now, and one by one, your small group of friend dwindles down to just you and your best friend. And the two of you are all alone in a large, empty space, so you entertain yourselves with whatever you can find. And you're laughing at each other's jokes so loudly that your voices reverberate off the walls. And part of you wishes your ride never shows up because you're having so much fun and aren't ready to let it end just yet? I had one of those days.

I have to begin by briefly explaining my relationship with the girl I was left with--we'll call her Margo. (Yes, that is a Paper Towns homage. And a very fitting one as you will soon find out.) I have a hard time appointing a label to my relationship Margo because it's true that we were best friends for quite a while. I'm talking "practically live at each other's houses, share your pants with her, clean her room with her because her mother said she couldn't invite anyone over until it was done" best friends. Like all people on the internet, I don't connect with people easily. That's why I love Margo so much. I don't have to try to be funny or nice to her--she brings all of those things out of me naturally. At the peak of our friendship, there was an unspoken agreement between us: that when we were together, neither of us would rather be doing anything else with anybody else. That sense of kinship has since ended. There were no arguments or hard feelings; we grew apart and that was that.

Today, after rehearsal, our camaraderie returned for a little while and I was 13 again--hanging out with my best friend, reciting Whose Line jokes with a wild smile on my face. It was nice. It was familiar.

I feel like I still haven't settled into the life of being a teenager. Of course this is a transitional period, and obviously, needing to take a while to sort things out is expected. But I won't pretend like it wasn't nice to go back to when I knew who I was, what I wanted to be doing, and who I wanted to be doing it with. It was a good day.

That's it--short and sweet. Hope your day was wonderful. And if it wasn't, I hope you get a good one soon.

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