Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's Better When You Like Stuff

Today, I had one of those days where nothing particularly bad happens, but by the end of it your insides are grey and solemn and you no longer feel capable of emotion. Since that could make for a pretty boring blog post, I have an idea to bring myself out of this mood. And that is to simply make a list of things that I love:

  • Christmas cookies
  • Fast food (just enough to satisfy the craving, but not enough to make you feel gross afterwards)
  • After racing to finish a book, getting to those last few pages where you start to slow down. Reaching the last sentence and reading it over and over again until it's engraved in your memory forever
  • Sitting on a couch with your best friend, watching TV, eating junk food, and wearing fat pants--not wanting to be doing anything else
  • Drawing the perfect doodle
  • Sheldon Cooper
  • Finishing my homework before noon and having the entire day to goof off
  • Reading right next to a window when it's raining outside, and hearing the pitter-patter of the raindrops
  • Dance rehearsals
  • Haircuts that make you feel hotter than you did before you got in the chair
  • Writing a sentence that's so good, you just have to read it a couple times over
  • Making genuinely nice small talk with a store clerk
  • When you turn on the TV just as your favorite movie begins playing
  • When your sister is watching the TV, and you go up to her asking to watch something, expecting her to say no, and she just hands over the remote
  • Drowning scrambled eggs in Taco Bell hot sauce
  • Making a movie reference at a party and a stranger knows what you're talking about
  • When your cat jumps on your lap and starts sleeping, without you having to coax it into staying there
  • When you finish a math lesson in less than a hour, not because it was easy work or there weren't a lot of problems assigned, but just because you understand it
  • Tina Fey
  • When the worst day of your live turns into one of the best after your best friend leaves an encouraging note on your doorstep
  • Books for a dollar at the thrift store
  • My family
  • My church
  • The sour dust at the bottom of the bag
  • Teriyaki chicken

Well, the warm feeling in my chest tells me my work here is complete. I encourage you to make a list of thing you love, too, if you're ever having a bad day. Remembering the good stuff can really do wonders for a person's mood.

Tonight's ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas Feature: The Polar Express
Christmas-tastic Thing of the Day: This picture of Tom Hank's filming The Polar Express

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